• Guidelines


    UT Dallas Guidelines

    To improve the outreach of UT Dallas-affiliated organizations and departments, you are invited to submit advertisements for Student Affairs-managed digital signage monitors. Digital signage services are free for all currently enrolled students. Please note: staff requested ads should be submitted through JIRA.


    Student Affairs digital signage includes two channels

    • The Student Life channel: Is distributed to residents on campus through CometTV (channel 236). All student requests should be submitted through utdallas.orcatv.com. The Student Life channel is featured as a segment on the Student Affairs channel and thus distributed to all other Student Affairs digital signs.



    • Student Affairs Marketing reserves the right to review all submissions and make alterations as needed.
    • All event/activity/programming advertisements must be open to all currently enrolled students.
    • You must submit your ad using your UT Dallas email account.
    • Ads for non-University related events/activities/programming or organizations are not accepted.
    • Ads not created specifically for our displays may be returned for revisions, or they may be placed in an existing template.
    • Ads using the University logo are subject to the University brand standards. See utdallas.edu/brand for more information.
    • Word count limit: 50 words or less.
    • Use appropriate language and be mindful of personal attire in videos.


    Ads should not contain:

    • False or misleading states or visual/verbal exaggerations;
    • Testimonials that do not reflect the real opinion of the individual(s) involved;
    • Price claims that are misleading;
    • Claims insufficiently supported or that distort the true meaning or practicable application of statements made by professional or scientific authority;
    • Statements,suggestions, or pictures offensive to public decency or minority segments of the population;
    • Any inappropriate material, including but not limited to promotions of alcohol and tobacco consumption, pornographic displays, nudity, etc.


    Who can submit ads?

    • Registered students organizations and UT Dallas students.


    When should the ad be submitted?

    • Please submit ads at least one week [five business days] prior to when you would like it to begin playing. If submitted after the allotted five days, ads will be played at the discretion of Student Affairs marketing.
    • Your ad may be played a maximum of 14 days prior to the event or shorter as specified.


    What types of files can be submitted?

    Student Life channel

    Color profile: RGB
    Standard Duration: 15 seconds
    Dpi: 72
    File type: MP4, MOV, URL or WMV
    Maximum time: 60 seconds
    Size: 1080p, 29.97fps


    File type: PPT, Flash, SWF, MPG, JPG,
    PDF, BMP or PNG

    Size: 1600 x 900 px

    All file sizes should be less than 20 MB.

    • Please do not submit images with stretched text or graphics.
    • Use fonts that are legible. Ads will only be displayed onscreen for a short period of time. Keep this in mind when creating your design to get the most out of your advertisement.



    • Days of the week should be spelled out (Monday not Mon. or Mon).
    • Months should be abbreviated (i.e. Monday, Dec. 23).
    • Time should include periods in a.m. and p.m., use noon (not 12 p.m.) and midnight (not 12 a.m.).
    • Do not include the year if it is the current year.
    • Do not include ‘st’, ‘nd’, ‘rd’, or ‘th’ on dates (Dec. 23 not Dec. 23rd).
    • Spell out abbreviations and acronyms on first reference.
    • Word count limit: 50 words or less.
    • Remember to spellcheck and proofread your submissions! Ads with spelling and grammar errors may be returned for revisions.


    The Campus Life Channel may be viewed through the Student Affairs digital signage program and CometTV (channel 236), available to all students living in the Residence Halls. For more information please visit: utdallas.edu/oit/comettv